Printing + the little Extras

There’s a lot to consider when creating wedding invitations.
Below I’ve captured our most popular styles of printing as well as fun extras that a lot of our clients have appreciated.

OGS_George Announcements-9.jpg

Letterpress printing

It's the old school style of printing where the type is physically pressed into the paper and adds a beautiful texture to your invitations. Each color that you add to this design will increase your price. 



Flat printing

Using flat printing allows you to use as many colors as you would like without increasing the price. The type and design live on the surface of the paper but with rich color options you can really add great dimension.

OGS_Anna Invites-20.jpg

Painted Edges

A subtle little detail to add a splash of something unexpected.

OGS_Clare Suite-6sm.jpg

Custom stamp

Stamps can be customized to fit any of your wedding suite needs. They allow you to print on a wide variety of materials such as envelopes and muslin pouches. They are great for return addresses on your rsvp envelopes as well as great for multi-purpose use with your wedding logo.


Envelope liners

This is the ultimate little detail to show that you’ve thought of everything. When your guests open these envelopes they will be surprised and delighted to see a splash of color and a design that is unique to your suite.


Address labels

Labels are a great solution if you aren’t interested in hiring a calligrapher. They are easy to apply and can tie your whole design together. Above is a great example of this. This label extended past the front of the envelope on both sides, the left had the return address and the right said “a bien-tot!” translating to “see you soon!" Check out more photos here.